About Us

Who is Compare VoIP Provider Rates?
Compare VoIP Provider Rates is sponsored by some of the providers being compared.

Is your VoIP Comparison engine biased towards affiliated providers?
Absolutely not. The order of rates displayed is based purely on ratelists we feed our database. There is no bias, and the cheapest provider will always be displayed first on the Rate Search Engine.

There are already tons of other VoIP comparison sites out there – why do we need a new one?
This one is real easy – nearly 100% of so-called “comparison” sites are nothing more than an advertising platform for whichever provider is willing to pay the most in advertising. Some sites that used to provide real comparison have been bought up to fall victim to the same inherent problem – most web masters care far more about how much $ they can make from displaying a provider than how good or cheap that provider actually is! We aim to be a non-biased platform for voip providers to compete on price and other measurements that will come later on.

What’s in it for you?
Like we said – we are affiliated with some of the providers listed. Since their prices are among the lowest in the world, a pure non-biased price comparison benefits us commercially – while doing the right thing!

I am a voip provider – how do I get my rates listed?
Please send your rates, in CSV format, to rates at our domain name.
Preferred format is: dialprefix,description,rate-in-USD,billing-increment
Example: 1214,USA proper,0.01,60
Other formats may or may not be acceptable depending on how much of a PITA it is to work with them.

I like this effort – how can I help?
Although we can’t think of anything specific right now, we are sure there’s going to be plenty of opportunity to help. For starters a review and rating system is in the works. We will have more details later on.
Meanwhile- the best way to help is to simply spread the word and link to us.

I found a bug, who do I report it to?
Please email bugs to bugs at our domain name.

A provider’s rates display as one of the lowest – but the rates they charge are different!
Unfortunately, not all providers are honest, and we fully expect providers to try and run bait-and-switch schemes to rate well on the engine, then change the rate shortly after when the users have already purchased credit. To protect our users – Participating providers are not allowed to change their rates more often than monthly on average. Providers that change rates more often than that will be permanently banned. Providers that do anything else which is questionable in nature like advertising one rate but charging another will be warned and temporarily banned until the offense is cured. A second offense will win them a permanent ban. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but we have decided to take an absolute zero tolerance towards providers who want to game the engine. List your real – permanent rates – or don’t list at all.